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We are committed to treating wood – one of our most precious resources – and the environment with respect. Woodlands are managed and utilized in an economical, environmentally sound and socially responsible way. Timber is the world’s most important raw material in terms of volume and mass. Environmentally friendly – both in how it is created and processed. Trees grow in nature, without any human intervention, receiving all of the energy they need from sunlight and rain. Qualities that no other material has to offer.

Through utilization timber is removed from the woodlands, creating space for saplings. Timber accretion binds carbon in the process. The more productive and fast-growing the forest, the more carbon is bound.

Timber products from resource-conserving forest management make an important contribution to climate protection: Using timber as a structural and production material increases the storage effect. Every time timber is used in place of fossil fuels and energy sources it also helps protect the climate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Germany..

Timber from responsible production is a modern, future-oriented material and source of energy that ideally meets the latest environmental protection, climate protection and ecological demands.

Trees regulate our climate and prevent soil erosion. Indigenous forests are managed, cleared and afforested with an eye toward the future. This keeps transport distances short. With the exception of the foliage, a tree that is cut down is almost completely utilized from sawn timber to wood materials all the way to secondary products such as bark-chip mulch, wood chips or saw dust.

Processing sustainably produced wood from the region provides job security in rural areas. In all of its beauty and diversity, timber shapes the way we think and act.

Our passion for timber is the way to a sustainable future.