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We are PEFC-certified. This certificate guarantees
that we deliver sustainable timber from an ecologically sound product chain.

As a reliable forest management partner, our goal is
to use the renewable resource wood in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way
within the scope of the Chain of Custody certification.

The PEFC certification in accordance with the international PEFC standard for the
Chain of Custody (COC) is an internationally recognized programme.

This PEFC label assures buyers that the products they purchase originate from environmentally, socially and ecologically responsible sources.



Our company is CE-certified. The CE certification ensures that all of our products meet the specified quality standards.

All major changes to source materials, manufacturing processes or our company-owned production control system must be reported to the appropriate authorities.

In addition, we also have calibrated and certified logyard equipment and promote sustainable energy production by burning our own waste wood.